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September 18th 2010

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Two L.A. agencies get $111 million in stimulus funds but have created only 55 jobs

(Los Angeles Times – David Zahniser) *Lead Story*

Chinese Dollar Torture

(Daily Reckoning – Byron King) *Must Read*

Obama names Warren to new post

(Washington Times – Kara Rowland)

Economic Treason Not To Hire?

(Forbes – Rich Karlgaard)

Tea Party Rise Will Be Bullish For Capitalism

(Investor’s Business Daily – Larry Kudlow) *Must Read*

Energy Department Says It Has ‘Mandate’ to Force ‘Market Transformation’ for Household Appliances

(CNS News – Penny Starr)

Gov.Christie vetoes DRPA free rides

(Philadelphia Inquirer – Paul Nussbaum)

They Still Blame America First

(Weekly Standard – Jennifer Rubin)

CBS Dishonestly Touts ‘Non-Partisan Watchdog’ Group’s Quest for a ‘Criminal Investigation’ of Christine O’Donnell

(NewsBusters – Brent Baker)

Mutts have the elitists on the run

(Charleston Daily Mail – Don Surber) *Must Read*

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June 2nd 2010

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Obama’s ‘Chicago Way’ plunders the private sector

(Washington Examiner – Michael Barone) *Lead Story*

Sestak “Job-Gate” to Factor in Election

(Human Events – John Gizzi)

Hatoyama Resigns Over Base Row

(Wall Street Journal – Yuka Hayashi and Jacob M. Schlesinger)

Fiscal Fraud of Obamacare Snowballing Already

(Townhall – Terry Jeffrey) *Must Read*

Bad Debts of the World Unite!

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

What’s wrong with this picture? Israeli edition

(Pajamas Media – Roger Kimball) *Must Read*

The ‘peaceful’ Jihad in America

(New York Post – Andrew C. McCarthy)

Groups want FCC to police hate speech on talk radio, cable news networks

(The Hill – Gautham Nagesh)

The James Asher School  of Journalism

(National Review – Michael Rubin)

The Millionaire Cop Next Door

(Forbes – Rich Karlgaard) *Must Read*

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March 6th 2010

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Losing Control of the US Debt Machine

(The Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)*Lead Story*

Great Recession Did Not Have To Be Great

(Forbes – Rich Karlgaard)

Greenhouse gas limits are still alive, but is cap and trade dead?

(Dallas Morning News – Dave Michaels)

Student loan industry’s subsidy distorts market

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney)

Energy Suicide: Unplugging America

(Family Security Matters – Alan Caruba)*Must Read*

Onward, He Said, Regardless

(Townhall – Charles Krauthammer)

Romney: Obama is another Jimmy Carter

(Salt Lake Tribune – Thomas Burr)

Followers of the Texas Congressman represent the real conservative movement

(Charleston City Paper – Jack Hunter)

Waste watchers? UK group fears trash bin spies

(Associated Press – Gregory Katz)*Must Read*

Yakima kindergartner expelled for making a gun with hands

(KNDO TV – Yakima, Wash)*Must Read*

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