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Today’s Rebellion News – November 12th 2012

U.S. seen passing Saudis as global oil king by 2020

(Washington Times – Ben Wolfgang) *Lead Story*

The Petraeus Affair

(American Spectator – Jed Babbin) *Must Read*

Will Texas secede? Petition reaches 25,000 signatures, triggering White House review

(Daily Caller – David Martosko)

FBI Whistle-Blower Informed Cantor of Petraeus Affair in October

(Breitbart – Tony Lee)

DOD Won’t Answer Questions on Broadwell’s Embed With Petraeus Because ‘It Is Currently Under Investigation

(CNS News – Elizabeth Harrington)

Feinstein Increases Criticism of Administration for Withholding Scandal Information

(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson)

Senator-Elect Ted Cruz, R-Texas: Texas could go Democratic in next few years

(Washington Examiner – Joel Gehrke) *Must Read*

Moody’s predicts Obama will approve Keystone XL pipeline

(The Hill – Ben Geman)

Final House tally: Republicans, 234; Democrats, 201

(Human Events – John Gizzi)

Will multiple states’ non-cooperation be too much for ObamaCare?

(Hot Air – Erika Johnsen)

George Will Says GOP Should Turn Libertarian While David Frum Bromances Social Cons

(Reason – Nick Gillespie)

BILL KRISTOL: Why Are Republicans Falling On Their Sword ‘To Defend A Bunch Of Millionaires?

(Business Insider – Brett LoGiurato)

Free Speech on FIRE

(National Review – Robert VerBruggen)

CNBC’s Cramer Forecasts Recession by Christmas if Fiscal Cliff Not Resolved

(NewsBusters – Liz Thatcher)

Odd? Romney Got ZERO Votes In 59 Precincts in Philly, and 9 Precincts in Ohio

(The Blaze – Mytheos Holt)

‘Now we’re thousands and it’s only the beginning’: Nazi-styled Golden Dawn is no longer marginal in Greece

(National Post – Dina Kyriakidou)

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Today’s Rebellion News – August 7th 2012

Cronyism, political donations likely behind Obama, Holder failure to charge any bankers after 2008 financial meltdown

(Daily Caller – Matthew Boyle) *Lead Story*

Romney: Obama undermining welfare reform

(Washington Times – Seth McLaughlin) *Must Read*

Obama SuperPAC: Mitt Romney Pretty Much Killed This Man’s Wife

(Townhall – Guy Benson)

E-mails Show Geithner, Treasury Terminated Pensions of Non-Union Workers

(Breitbart – Tony Lee)

Reform Is Not Enough: The Federal Government Needs a Complete Makeover

(The Atlantic – Philip K. Howard)

Senior White House aide took money from company that partnered with Assad regime

(Washington Free Beacon – Adam Kredo)

Obama gives in, signs transparency law his budget director didn’t want

(Human Events – Hope Hodge)

Nazis and Heavy Metal

(National Review – Robert VerBruggen)

The Drone Race Is. On America’s enemies are busy developing their own pilotless strike aircraft.

(American Interest – Alan W. Dowd)

Why is U.S. unemployment still so high?

(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

Take Me Down to the Parasite City, The District is booming.

(Reason – Gene Healy)

Taxing Our Patience

(Weekly Standard – Geoffrey Norman)

Chris Matthews’ Hypocritical Charges of Dishonesty

(Accuracy in Media – Roger Aronoff)

Mars Rover Landing: Curiosity Is NASA’s 2012 Apollo

(Forbes – Richi Jennings) *Must Read*

Feds Award $625,000 Grant to Hire 5 Police Officers

(CNS News – Elizabeth Harrington)

The South China Sea: WikiLeak Cables, Little Tricks, Awash in Controversy

(Energy Tribune – Tim Daiss)

Probe of Romney‘s Wealthiest Donor Shows Obama’s Justice Department is Brazenly Politicized

(The Blaze – Buck Sexton)

Green Energy Firms Under Scrutiny Get ‘We Can’t Wait’ Projects

(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson)

Defense vs. Food Stamps—What Would You Choose?

(Wall Street Journal – Mackenzie Eaglen)

Green Energy Losses Not ‘Minor Blips’

(Newsmax – David Limbaugh)

Senate Goes AWOL For 1,200 Days, Leaves Debt To Future Generations

(Investor’s Business Daily – Todd G. Buchholz and James Carter) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – March 27th 2012

ObamaCare at the Supreme Court, day 2: “A train wreck for the Administration.”

(Human Events – John Hayward) *Lead Story*

House GOP eyes another possible green-tech scandal

(Daily Caller – Neil Munro) *Must Read*

EPA to kill new coal-fired plants through first-ever greenhouse-gas regulations

(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)

President says he is not ‘hiding the football’ on secret missile defense talks with Russians

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz)

We Still Know Little About The Trayvon Martin Case – Like, If It’ll Turn Out To Be Another ‘Duke Lacrosse’

(CNS News – Matthew Sheffield)

Obama’s 2nd-term agenda? House Dems propose raising taxes by 40%, including on middle class

(The American – James Pethokoukis)

How Many Crimes Did the New Black Panthers Commit in Florida?

(PJ Media – J. Christain Adams)

While Portugal Cancels High-speed Rail, U.S. Government Considers $5 billion for Second California Project

(Reason Foundation – Baruch Feigenbaum) *Must Read*

The Plot to Get Rush

(American Spectator – Jeffrey Lord)

Bureaucratic Gas, To lower prices at the pump, abolish the boutique fuel regime.

(Weekly Standard – Steven F. Hayward)

The Next Step for the Sacketts, An Idaho couple continues to fight the EPA.

(National Review – Robert VerBruggen)

Lawmakers push resolution opposing UN regulation of the Internet

(The Hill – Brendan Sasso)

Global Warming Models Are Wrong Again

(Wall Street Journal – William Hopper)

Yes, The GOP Does Have A Plan To Reform Health Care

(Investor’s Business Daily – John C. Goodman)

Internal ATF Survey Shows Own Workers Don’t Trust Agency

(Newsmax – Marti Lotman)

Even worse: Stock Act will cost taxpayers $9 million

(Washington Examiner – Paul Bedard)

Tension mounts in Egypt as Islamists tighten grip

(National Post – Peter Goodspeed)

IRS Brings ‘A Team’ To Crush Transfer Pricing Abuse

(Forbes – Kelly Phillips Erb)

Should Indiana Senior Have Been Expelled for F-Bomb Tweet?

(The Blaze – Liz Klimas) *Must Read*

Ben-flation caused by Fed’s failed policy

(New York Post – John Crudele)

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February 8th 2011

Shariah and democracy are incompatible, Egyptian army remains the West’s best hope

(Washington Times – Tony Blankley) *Must Read*

Is Barbour’s Southern Handicap Overstated?

(Real Clear Politics – Scott Conroy) *Lead Read*

Between Mubarak and a Hard Place

(American Spectator – Ben Stein)

AOL ‘Lost its Mind’ With $315 Million HuffPo Purchase, Says Media Watchdog President

(CNS News – Pete Winn)

Growth or Hot Money: What’s Really Affecting Food Prices

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner) *Must Read*

An Obamacare Roadblock. Does the Florida court ruling shut down implementation?

(National Review – Robert Verbruggen)

Clean Coal: The Fallows Fallacy

(The American – Mark E. Ellis and Michael Rosen)

Mayor Bing to cops: Move to city, get $1,000 home, fix-it funds

(Detroit News – Leonard N. Fleming)

Hawaii Considers Banning Toy Gun Sales to Minors

(The Blaze – Mike Opelka)

Conservative Gathering In Desert Reason Enough For Union Protest

(Investor’s Business Daily – Herman Cain) *Must Read*

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