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Today’s Rebellion News – December 28th 2014

2nd-Amendment-Rally-APWisconsin Gazette: Repeal Of ‘Stupid’ 2nd Amendment Past Due
(Breitbart – AWR Hawkins)
*Lead Story*

Let’s Root For A Smaller GOP Primary Field In 2016
(Daily Caller – Matt K. Lewis)
*Must Read*

Feldman & Pratt: Plan to merge ATF with FBI makes a bad cop worse
(Human Events – Raquel Okyay)

Turns Out ISIS is Bad at Governing
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Guest Accuses Fox News Of Racism, Can’t Back It Up With Examples
(NewsBuster – Melissa Mullin)

State Legislators Take Aim at New Gun Restrictions
(PJ Media – Rod Kackley)

To Discuss Labour Economics and The Minimum Wage For A Moment
(Forbes – Tim Worstall)

Coburn, a True Statesman, Steps Down
(National Review – John Fund)

2014-12-24T040841Z_1_LYNXMPEABN047_RTROPTP_3_USA-CHICAGO-WEATHERNew Al Qaeda Magazine Urges Bombing More Planes, Lone Wolf Attacks
(Townhall – Leah Barkoukis)
*Must Read*

Green Berets cleared in Afghanistan friendly fire deaths
(Washington Times – Rowan Scarborough)

Charles Koch: Justice System Unfair to Poor
(Newsmax – Greg Richter)

Former NAACP head’s GOP ‘dog-whistle’ remark goes unchallenged by AP
(Washington Examiner – Eddie Scarry)

U.S.-Led Forces Formally End Afghanistan Combat Mission
(Wall Street Journal – Margherita Stancati)

Every Christmas Now Comes With Muslim Terrorism
(Canada Free Press – Daniel Greenfield)

Why Liberals Should Fear the Supreme Court in 2015
(National Journal – Sam Baker)

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Today’s Rebellion News – October 19th 2013

Tea Party needs to recognize that it’s playing with live ammo

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney) *Lead Story*

Republican Party to split, according to people who would never split the party

(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw) *Must Read*

While You Were Sleeping, Debt Jumped $328 Billion

(PJ Media – Rick Moran)

JPMorgan Chase reaches tentative $13B settlement with Justice Department: reports

(Washington Times – Maria Stainer)

Corbett, natural gas allies will square off against Democrats pushing to limit, tax fracking

(Human Events – Eric Boehm) *Must Read*

Thom Hartmann Blames Reagan for Starting Rightist ‘Anti-American Crazies Who Hate Our Government’

(NewsBusters – Tim Graham)

NYC to AirBnB: All Your Data is Belong to Us

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Media ignores racial discrimination lawsuit against Washington Post

(Daily Caller – Patrick Howley)

Economists: Internal Stagnation is Biggest Threat to America

(Washington Free Beacon – Daniel Wiser)

Norquist vs. Cruz Represents Battle Between Establishment and Conservative Republicans

(Breitbart – Tony Lee)

A Democratic Member of Congress Just Labeled Tea Party Republicans as ‘Domestic Enemies’

(The Blaze – Oliver Darcy)

How to Fix the Supreme Court

(Reason – Damon Root)

Los Angeles Times endorses censorship with ban on letters from climate skeptics

(Fox News – Professor J. Scott Armstrong)

ObamaCare problems in spotlight after government shutdown ends

(The Hill – Sam Baker)

We have a deal with Europe. Let’s not blow it

(Globe and Mail – Lawrence Herman) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – September 3rd 2013

Kerry refuses to rule out U.S. ground troops in Syria, then backtracks

(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan) *Lead Story*

Obamacare Roundup: The ACA will “Blindside” Workers

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead) *Must Read*

John Bolton on Syrian resolution: “I would vote no”

(Hot Air – Erika Johnsen)

UCLA Student Government Passes Resolution Blasting ‘Racially Derogatory’ Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

(Breitbart – Ben Shapiro)

States’ rights only apply to getting high

(Human Events – Teresa Mull) *Must Read*

Reagan’s Rules for Military Action

(American Spectator – Jeffrey Lord)

Union orchestrating Walmart walkout for Thursday

(Washington Examiner – Sean Higgins)

3 Things a Military Intervention in Syria Won’t Do

(Reason – Scott Shackford)

Why New York City businesses might pay a 52% tax rate (And they’re not alone)

(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

Latino Group Wants to Expand Fraud-Ridden ‘Obamaphone’ Program

(CNS News – Alissa Tabirian)

Sen. Rubio claims HHS planning $8.7 million ad buy to promote ObamaCare

(The Hill – Sam Baker)

California Abruptly Drops Plan to Implant RFID Chips in Driver’s Licenses

(Wired – David Kravets)

The Feds’ Assault on School Choice

(National Review – Jonathan Strong)

Paul suggests administration ‘making a joke’ of Congress

(Daily Caller – Alexis Levinson)

NY Post Quizzes: Why Are the Washington Post, NYT Ignoring Mark Levin’s New Book?

(NewsBusters – Scott Whitlock)

Professor’s Anti-Republican Classroom Tirade Caught on Video: ‘They Are a Bunch of Dead White People’ Who ‘Raped’ the Country

(The Blaze – Oliver Darcy)

Controversial pastor Terry Jones wins legal ruling against Dearborn

(Detroit News – Oralandar Brand-Williams)

The IPCC’s Upcoming Report Is Mann-Made Cluelessness

(Energy Tribune –  Peter C. Glover)

Joint Chiefs Chairman Criticizes Leak of Syria Military Plans, Delay in Syria Strikes as Forces Moved

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz) *Must Read*

The Syrian ‘Rebels’ and Chemical Weapons: Remembering Your Al-Qaeda History

(PJ Media –  Andrew P. McCarthy)

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Today’s Rebellion News – August 30th 2013

Obama: No final decision on Syria, considering ‘a limited, narrow act’

(Washington Times – Dave Boyer) *Lead Story*

Bipartisan senators: Do not delay the Keystone pipeline into 2014

(Hot Air – Erika Johnsen) *Must Read*

Double-Leg Amputee Suing Nebraska Police for Harassment During Apparently Unwarranted Traffic Stop

(Reason – Ed Krayeski)

Rand Paul: Boehner speakership in jeopardy over immigration reform

(Daily Caller –  Jeff Poor)

Defector Describes Russia’s Handling of NSA Leaker Snowden

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)

Non-Citizens to Monitor Elections in California, Could Also Be Jurors

(CNS News – Barbara Hollingsworth) *Must Read*

Appeals court says White House visitor logs can be kept from public

(Washington Examiner – Mark Tapscott)

‘What is Government?’ Elementary Students Taught It’s Your ‘Family’

(The Blaze – Fred Lucas)

ABC Again Offers One-Sided Spin on Fast Food Protests, Touts ‘Living Wage’

(NewsBusters – Scott Whitlock)

There are better anti-poverty tools than the minimum wage

(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

Pentagon Can’t Afford Syria Operation; Must Seek Additional Funds

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz)

Reminder: Energy Independence Still a Myth

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

California launches $45 million campaign pushing for ObamaCare enrollment

(The Hill – Sam Baker)

Keeping up with China? Japan to expand diplomatic presence worldwide

(Christian Science Monitor – Justin McCurry)

Does GOP need solutions for black voters?

(Human Events – David Limbaugh)

The Left won’t acknowledge the good conservatives have done for black America.

(National Review – Mona Charen)

Colorado’s Battered Spouse Syndrome

(American Spectator –  Ross Kaminsky)

Does The President Want ObamaCare Death Panels For Higher Education?

(Forbes – Merrill Matthews)

Aetna Pulls Out of Another Obamacare Health Exchange

(Breitbart – Wynton Hill) *Must Read*

EPA Investigation Sought as Top McCarthy Aide Faces Embezzlement Charges

(PJ Media –  Bill Straub)

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Today’s Rebellion News – July 29th 2013

Tea Party Activist: Lindsey Graham ‘Everything That Is Wrong with Washington’

(Breitbart – Tony Lee) *Lead Story*

Paul hits back at Christie

(Daily Caller – Alexis Levinson)

Siemens, an Obama ally, dragged down by green investments

(Washington Examiner – Timothy P. Carney) *Must Read*

San Antonio Considers Prohibiting City Workers from Expressing Bias Against Bisexuals

(CNS News – Shannon Quick)

Turning public schools into forts.There’s a peril in the mindset of the police state

(Washington Times – John W. Whitehead)

Low taxes earn Florida No. 1 rank in wealth migration

(Human Events – William Patrick)

‘I’ve Gone Bra-Less During a Live Broadcast’: Reporter-of-the-Year Nominee Fired Over Candid Blog Post on Her Personal Website

(The Blaze – Billy Hallowell)

Chris Matthews: Republicans Are Like Whites in South Africa Who Defended Apartheid

(NewsBusters – Scott Whitlock)

How Common Core is Coming to Homeschoolers

(PJ Media – Paula Bolyard) *Must Read*

Defunding: Framers’ Remedy For Presidential Lawlessness

(Investor’s Business Daily – Betsy McCaughey)

Bloomberg gun-control group facing internal backlash amid growing profile

(Fox News – Barnini Chakraborty)

Watchdog requests IRS review of group that is promoting ObamaCare

(The Hill – Sam Baker)

Rep. Kelly: New Bill Will Hold Govt. Employees Responsible

(Newsmax – Bill Hoffmann)

Goodbye, Motor City

(Daily Reckoning – Bill Bonner)

Cigarettes Can Kill: Florida Deputies Shoot Man Looking for a Smoke in His Own Driveway

(Reason – Jacob Sullum)

Cities dumping their retirees onto exchanges could hurt insurance exchanges’ viability

(Washington Free Beacon – Andrew Evans)

New York police modify SUVs to allow cops to spot drivers who are texting while driving

(Daily Mail UK – Alex Greig)

Shamburger Test Run Set For Next Week

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

More on Obama’s ‘middle-out’ economics

(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

Drone Blimps Will Now Protect Washington, D.C. From Cruise Missiles

(The Atlantic – Brian Resneck) *Must Read*

Trillion Yuan Fled China Banks. You Won’t Believe Where It Went

(Forbes – Gordon G. Chang)

San Antonio Considers Prohibiting City Workers from Expressing Bias Against Bisexuals – See more at:
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