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Today’s Rebellion News – January 14th 2017

Posted by Editor in Chief
January 14th, 2017

Heads Are Finally Beginning To Roll At The Clinton Foundation
(Daily Caller – Rachel Stoltzfoos)
*Lead Story*

Franken: Investigate ‘Charges’ That Trump Campaign Coordinated With Russia
(CNS News – Susan Jones)

Trump Fires Back At Rep. Lewis’ Claim He’s An “Illegitimate President”
(Townhall – Christine Rousselle)

One Final Expansion of the Surveillance State as Obama Heads for the Door
(Reason – Scott Shackford)

Forbes: This border-adjustment tax is cronyism on steroids, you know
(Hot Air – Ed Morrissey)

Big Tech Firms Back GOP Candidates
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead Staff)

Family-Owned New York Times Rips Trump for Nepotism
(Washington Free Beacon – David Rutz)

11 Democrats Who Vow To RESIST Trump!
(Daily Wire – Aaron Bandler)

House GOP taps author of controversial 2005 immigration bill to lead panel
(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan)

Will Trump End the Media’s White House Daily Briefing?
(NewsBusters – Jeffrey Lord)

CA High-Speed Rail: Over Budget, Behind Schedule
(Breitbart – Michelle Moons)

The Blacklist Returns
(American Spectator – Daniel J. Flynn)

Human Rights Watch Labels U.S. a ‘Human Rights Abuser’ Because of Trump
(PJ Media – Rick Moran)

Rand Paul to unveil GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan
(Washington Examiner – Kyle Feldscher)

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