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Today’s Rebellion News – October 20th 2016

Press trashes Trump for ‘trashing’ democracy
(Washington Examiner – Pete Kasperowicz)
*Lead Story*

Clinton on No-Fly Zone in 2013: ‘You’re Going to Kill a Lot of Syrians; In 2016: ‘Could Save Lives’
(CNS News – Patrick Goodenough)
*Must Read*

The System Really Is Rigged
(Townhall – Derek Hunter)

Podesta WikiLeaks Horror: Voter ID Doesn’t Stop Alien Voting
(PJ Media – J. Christian Adams)

Hillary Clinton’s IRS — a sneak preview
(Washington Times – Cleta Mitchell)

James Carville On The Election: ‘Well, Of Course There Will Be Some Fraud’
(Daily Caller – Betsy Rothstein)

Clueless Reporters Deny the Reality of Partial-Birth Abortion
(NewsBusters – Kyle Drennen)

Finland Faces Kremlin Media Assault
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead Staff)

Ridesharing roulette: Philadelphia commuters still dealing with the dinosaur
(Watchdog – Erin Clark)

Duterte aligns Philippines with China, says U.S. has lost
(Reuters – Ben Blanchard)

The System is Rigged: Licensing Limits the Pursuit of Happiness
(Reason – Eric Boehm)

California Aborting Free-Speech Rights
(American Spectator – Steven Greenhut)

The 5 Most Outrageous Hillary Clinton Lies From The Last Debate
(The Federalist – David Harsanyi)

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