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March 28th 2011

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Decoding Libya, Sharia can tell us how this story ends.

(National Review – Andrew C. McCarthy) *Lead Story*

Indiana Tea Party Targets Centrist Republican

(Wall Street Journal – Danny Yadron) *Must Read*

U.S. must build on oil ties with Canada

(Buffalo News – Jack N. Gerard and Mark Ayers)

Human bondage hits U.S. heartland, Illicit trade for labor, sex generates billions in profits

(Washington Times – Chuck Neubauer)

Unions’ tea party goes unjudged

(Detroit News – Nolan Finley) *Must Read*

Is Media Matters breaking the law in its ‘war’ on Fox News?

(Washington Examiner – Mark Tapscott)

The Massacre of Meaning

( – Daniel Greenfield)

Anarchists ‘plan to target royal wedding’

(Daily Telegraph UK – Steven Swinford and Tom Whitehead)

Flier’s TSA ‘grope’ nightmare

(New York Post – Heather Haddon)

Breitbart says ‘height of ingratitude’ for Huffington not to defend him against Van Jones racism allegations

(Daily Caller – Matthew Boyle) *Must Read*

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Nov 3rd 2009

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Controversial New Video of Obama’s Pastor

(Accuracy in Media – Cliff Kincaid)*Lead Story*

Breaking Down the Government’s Loss in CIT

(New York Times – Legal)

ACORN Aims to Tip New Jersey Election in Corzine’s Favor

(Newsmax – David A. Patten)

Obama and ‘Special Interests’

(Wall Street Journal – Joel Jankowsky)

Britain’s Savage free speech attack

(NYU News – Ian Nelson) *Must Read*

Using tax money to push Obama agenda

(Washington Examiner – Editorial)

Democrats attempting a coup at new Consumer credit protection agency

(American Thinker – Ed Lasky) *Must Read*

New House Bill Has Plenty of New Taxes

(Heritage Foundation -  Rea S. Hederman, Jr.)

ACORN at the White House

(The American Spectator – Matthew Vadum)*Must Read*

George Soros bets against America

(WorldNetDaily – Jerome Corsi)

EU to police drivers with black boxes

(London Times UK – Steven Swinford)

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