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Feb 8th 2010

Governor Faces Emergency on Nevada Budget

(Townhall – Sandra Chereb)*Lead Story*

Geithner says deficits won’t hurt U.S. credit rating, Romulus Augustus says Rome will never fall

(Washington Examiner – Mark Tapscott)

Public-Sector Unions Bleed Taxpayers to Help Dems

(Creators Syndicate Inc. – Michael Barone)*Must Read*

For GOP, No Experience Is No Problem

(Wall Street Journal – Susan Davis)

Super Bowl spot kicks off debate about Census ad campaign

(The Hill – Jordy Yager)*Must Read*

In Restraint of Liberty

(Reason.com – Damon W. Root)

Obama’s outrageous bank tax

(Washington Times – Editorial)

Dobbs Wants Glass Steagall

(Forbes – Alexandra Zendrian)*Must Read*

Should the government in Canada fund libel suits against its citizens?

(National Post – Adam McDowell)

Washington Struggles to Prove … What Didn’t Happen

(Fox Business News – Matt Egan)

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