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Today’s Rebellion News – March 28th 2014

Sad-child Daily CallerSchool district to mother: No Common Core opt-outs, let us humiliate your kids
(Daily Caller – Robby Soave)
*Lead Story*.

More red tape: Obama imposes new greenhouse gas regulations
(Washington Times – Dave Boyer)
*Must Read*

Common Core Forces Autistic Student in Missouri into Class He Cannot Understand
(Breitbart – Warner Todd Huston)

Lining Putin’s Pockets: Senators Want Obama to Call Off Contracts with Russian Arms Giant
(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson)

In Conn., All Republicans and 5 Dems Voted Against $10.10 Minimum Wage
(CNS News – Susan Jones)

California Senate votes to suspend accused arms trafficker, convicted felon…with pay
(Hot Air – Mary Katherine Ham)

Ukraine weather forecast: cloudy, with a chance of Russians
(Human Events – John Hayward)

Why a High School Was Ordered to Tear Down Its Brand-New Baseball Bleachers Will Likely Have Small-Gov’t Advocates Shaking Their Heads
(The Blaze – Becket Adams)

Arlington Burial VietnamVA Hides Names of Hospitals Where Vets Died From Delays
(Washington Free Beacon – CJ Cairamella)
*Must Read*


Courtesy Of ObamaCare, More Macaroni & Sneeze?
(Investor’s Business Daily – Jed Graham)

Juicing The Numbers to Score An ACA Victory
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

‘Earth Hour’ is a colossal waste of time and energy; instead, celebrate ‘Human Achievement Hour’ tomorrow
(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

Democrats turn their fire on Koch brothers in desperate bid to save Senate
(Washington Examiner – Susan Ferrechio)

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Today’s Rebellion News – March 24th 2014

obamacomputer-e1395693700822 Daily Caller NYT reporter: Obama administration the ‘greatest enemy of press freedom’ in a generation
(Daily Caller – Brendan Bordelon)
*Must Read*

ObamaCare: the mistake America could not afford
(Human Events – John Hayward)
*Must Read*

Is It Official? Has Puerto Rico Failed?
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Obama administration ignores eco-radicals, approves another natural gas export terminal
(Hot Air – Erika Johnsen)

Aborted, miscarried babies burned to heat U.K. hospitals: report
(Washington Times – Jessica Chasmar)

oshajanitorsrelated National ReviewSEIU Uses Federal Inspections to Target Houston Small Business
(National Review – Jillian Kay Melchior)
*Must Read*

U.S. Gov’t Study Pays Mexican Male Prostitutes For Not Getting STDs
(CNS News – Eric Scheiner)

How Snowden is helping Putin in Ukraine
(AEI Ideas – Marc Thiessen)

Revealed: What Really Creates Economic Growth
(Daily Reckoning – Christopher P. Casey)

Gun Range Owner to NJ Officials: You Can Pass Magazine Ban but ‘I Will Not Comply’
(Breitbart – AWR Hawkins)

Teacher’s Resignation Letter After 25 Years Describes ‘Disturbing Era’ in Public Schools
(The Blaze – Liz Klimas)

BEWARE: No-Knock SWAT Attacks
(Townhall – Katie Kieffer)

Feds Spend $50K on Two Mitsubishis for the Albanian Border Police
(Washington Free Beacon – Elizabeth Harrington)

Florida Man Arrested for Resisting Arrest, Suing Cop for Seizing His iPhone
(Reason – Ed Krayewski)

The IMF Vs. The American People (Again)
(Forbes – Mark Hendrickson)

Senate votes to move ahead with sanctions and aid package for Ukraine
(Washington Examiner – Susan Ferrechio)

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Today’s Rebellion News – November 13th 2013

White House releases disappointing Obamacare enrollment total: 106,000

(Washington Times – Tom Howell Jr.) *Lead Story*

Survey of small-to-medium-sized businesses – ObamaCare already costing full-time jobs, employee pay

(Hot Air – Steve Eggleston) *Must Read*

Woman Dies in Police Custody, Cops Debated Whether She Was Too Drunk to be Charged With Offering Sex For Money, DA Rules Department Policies Violated, No Criminal Charges

(Reason – Ed Krayewski)

Study: Fracking cuts energy costs, raises living standards

(Human Events – Kenneth Artz) administrators stayed mum on pre-launch readiness issues

(Washington Examiner – Susan Ferrechio)

Congressman Confirms the Existence of Hobgoblins

(Daily Reckoning – Douglas French)

For California Bankruptcies, Three’s the Magic Number

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

10 Things Bigger Than Obamacare

(Townhall – Christine Rousselle)

DHS has a month to release ‘Internet kill switch’ plans

(Daily Caller – Josh Peterson) *Must Read*

Russia to Deploy Long-Range Attack Drone by 2016

(Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz)

Warrantless search: Supreme Court considers a puzzling case

(Christian Science Monitor – Warren Richey)

Contrary to the popular hysteria, research shows that 80-90% of crack cocaine and meth users don’t get addicted

(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

IRS Training Manual: Pay ‘Special Attention’ to Groups Involved in ‘Sensitive Political Issues’

(CNS News – Barbara Hollingsworth)

Kirsten Powers: ‘No Explanation For Doubling My Premiums Other Than Subsidizing Other People’

(CNS News – Noel Sheppard)

Boehner says no to immigration talks

(The Hill – Russell Berman)

Rep. Olson Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against Eric Holder

(Breitbart – Matthew Boyle)

Former Reagan Budget Head David Stockman: Yellen Doesn’t Have a Clue

(Money News – Dan Weil)

Wood-Burning Power Plants: Misguided Climate Change Solution?

(Energy Tribune – Steve Goreham)

Loss of public’s trust poses major problems ahead for Obama’s agenda

(Washington Post – Scott Wilson)

‘Never in My Wildest Dreams Thought Something Like That Could Happen in This Country’: ‘For The Record’ Exposes the Attempt to Silence Whistleblowers

(The Blaze – Sara Carter)

The Coming Revelation Of The ‘Global Warming’ Fraud Resembles The Obamacare Lie

(Forbes – Peter Ferrara) *Must Read*

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Today’s Rebellion News – November 5th 2013

Horror: Police force man to undergo invasive anal operation

(Daily Caller – Robby Soave) *Lead Story*

Report: DOE Withheld Data on Bankrupt Green Energy Company

(Washington Free Beacon – Lachlan Markay) *Must Read*

Army veteran banned from daughter’s school for photo of concealed weapons permit

(Washington Times – Jessica Chasmar)

National Journal’s Ron Fournier: Obama Is ‘Lying About Lies’ in an ‘Orchestrated Deceit’

(NewsBusters – Tom Blumer)

Cash for Clunkers a near-total failure says … the Brookings Institute

(Hot Air – Steve Eggleston) *Must Read*

Price Transparency Comes to Northern California

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

United States Marshals Service spent $800,000 on swag

(Washington Examiner – Susan Ferrechio)

TSA Union Calls for Armed Employees; Everybody with Common Sense Recoils at the Idea

(Reason – Scott Shackford)

War On Boys Continues in Arizona School

(PJ Media – Bryan Preston)

Another 4 Pinocchio whopper? Obama says women are paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the exact same work as men

(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

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Today’s Rebellion News – Oct 21st 2013

Consumer Reports: ‘Stay away from for at least another month’

(Daily Caller – Alexis Levinson) *Lead Story*

Snowden Documents Reveal More of the NSA’s International Snooping

(Reason – Matthew Feeney) *Must Read*

Economist: ‘Triple Whammy’ Could Send Obamacare Exchanges Into ‘Death Spiral’ – See more at:

Economist: ‘Triple Whammy’ Could Send Obamacare Exchanges Into ‘Death Spiral’

(CNS News – Barbara Hollingsworth)

Republicans must get wise to Obama’s hard-line fiscal strategy

(Human Events – Larry Kudlow)

Boomers to Generation Y: Are You Experienced?

(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Rand Paul: Amend Constitution to end special treatment for lawmakers

(Washington Examiner – Susan Ferrechio)

‘Loyal’ and ‘Patriotic’: Guess Which Establishment Republican Just Stepped Up to Defend the Tea Party

(The Blaze – Becket Adams)

Oh Dear, We’re Arguing

(PJ Media – Michael Ledeen)

Obama Inspires GOP Congressman to Drop Immigration Reform

(Breitbart – Matthew Boyle) *Must Read*

Chamber’s strategy on regs: ‘When all else fails, sue ’em’

(The Hill – Ben Goad)

Geraldo Rivera Wants to Send Ted Cruz a Bill for $23 Billion for Shutdown Cost Estimates

(NewsBusters – Tim Graham)

Holder’s DOJ Attorneys, Not ATF Agents, Let Grenades Go to Mexican Drug Cartels

(Townhall – Katie Pavlich)

The Maligned Tea Party, The Left’s characterizations just aren’t true.

(National Review – Charles C.W. Cooke)

Obamacare: A Parasite Intent on Killing Its Host

(Daily Reckoning – Ron Paul)

Feds Paid Prisoners $1 million in Disability Payments

(Washington Free Beacon – Elizabeth Harrington)

Is there ObamaCare ‘propaganda’ on our favorite shows?

(New York Post – Kyle Smith)

Sorry, tax rates aren’t going back to 1920s levels

(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

Iran gives Russia copy of US ScanEagle drone as proof of mass production

(The Guardian – Saeed Kamali Dehghan)

“Black Wind To America”: A Deadly Terrorist Bioweapon Program Agenda?

(Forbes – Larry Bell)

Families suspect SEAL Team 6 crash was inside job on worst day in Afghanistan

(Washington Times – Rowan Scarborough) *Must Read*

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