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Today’s Rebellion News – December 7th 2016

Posted by Editor in Chief
December 7th, 2016

Feds Give Congress Blank Documents To ‘Explain’ Lab Data Manipulation
(Daily Caller – Ethan Barton)
*Lead Story*

Senate Republicans Outline ‘Step by Step Way’ of Repealing/Replacing Obamacare
(CNS News – Susan Jones)

Trump rattles U.S. businesses with Twitter threats, hard-bargaining style
(Washington Times – S.A. Miller)

Useless Spayd Work
(American Spectator – George Neumayr)

Texas Ranchers Cry Foul as Government Eyes Their Land
(National Review – Austin Yuck)

Google’s Eric Schmidt Helps Raise $22 Million for Dem Data Firm
(Washington Free Beacon – Joe Schoffstall)

Virginia “voluntary gun turn-in” program runs into predictable problems
(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)

The pre-existing conditions myth
(The Hill – Betsy McCaughey)

Dakota Pipeline Protests Putting More Crude on Trains
(American Interest – Jamie Horgan)

85,000 refugees under Obama, but less than 10 to D.C.
(Washington Examiner – Paul Bedard)

Governments Trash Cash, Making Alternative ‘Money’ More Attractive
(Reason – J.D. Tuccille)

Report: Nearly Half of American Jihadists are Not Fighting for ISIS
(PJ Media – Bridget Johnson)

David Brock’s New Job: A Thorn in President Trump’s Side
(Townhall – Jason Hopkins)

Leading Opioid-Addiction Treatment Drug Is Itself a Problem
(Real Clear Science – Andrew Yarrow)
*Must Read*

2015 FBI data: Jews were nearly 3X more likely than blacks, 1.5X more likely than Muslims to be a hate crime victim
(AEI Ideas – Mark J. Perry)

Facebook and the ‘Fake News’ Crackdown
(NewsBusters – Brent Bozell and Tim Graham)

UConn President Releases Plan to Protect Illegal Immigrants on Campus
(Breitbart – Dr. Susan Berry)

The FCC needs to end warrantless cellphone spying
(Christian Science Monitor – Sascha Meinrath and Jeff Landale)

2017 Inductees Into Hall of Heavy Metal History Announced
(RedState – Susan Wright)

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