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Today’s Rebellion News – March 3rd 2017

Posted by Editor in Chief
March 3rd, 2017

Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak Appeared As Obama White House Visitor At Least 22 Times
(Daily Caller – Kaitlan Collins)
*Lead Story*

Right On Cue, Soros-Financed MoveOn.Org Holds DC Protest Demanding Sessions’ Resignation
(Breitbart – Aaron Klein)

Rand Paul: Repeal Obamacare First, Then Vote on Various Replacements on Same Day
(CNS News – Susan Jones)

North Dakota should send $33 million bill for pipeline protesters to Tides, Rockefeller foundations
(Net Right Daily – Natalia Castro)

OC Flap Sheds Light on Academic Bullying
(American Spectator – Steven Greenhut)

Mexican Drug Cartels Driving Heroin, Opioid Consumption in U.S.
(Washington Free Beacon – Natalie Johnson)

There Is No Such Thing as an Independent Counsel
(PJ Media – Andrew C. McCarthy)

EU seeks to help prosecute Marine Le Pen for… Tweeting
(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)

Leaving public in the dark, Cibolo pushes forward with toll road
(Watchdog – Kenric Ward)

White House now says American steel not required for Keystone pipeline
(Washington Times – Ben Wolfgang)

Rather Than Suing Wells Fargo, Illegal Immigrants Should Thank Americans For Funding Their Education
(The Federalist – Helen Raleigh)

Warmest February in Contiguous U.S. in 39-Year Satellite Record: Global Temperature Trend Update
(Reason – Ronald Bailey)

CNN and MSNBC did zero work fact-checking Democratic senator’s bogus claim
(Washington Examiner – T. Becket Adams)

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