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Today’s Rebellion News – May 5th 2014

Posted by Editor in Chief
May 5th, 2014

Randi-Weingarten-Larry-Cohen-Amy-GolbmanRead the Confidential Document Left Behind at the Democracy Alliance Meeting
(Washington Free Beacon – Lachlan Markay)
*Lead Story*


Strict N.J. rule on gun permits stands, as Supreme Court refuses case
(Christian Science Monitor – Warren Richey)
*Must Read*

Another VA clinic falsified records to conceal wait times
(Hot Air – Gabriel Malor)

Supreme Court Upholds Public Prayer at Town Board Meetings
(PJ Media – Rick Moran)

Rep. Trey Gowdy named to lead select committee investigating Benghazi
(Human Events – John Hayward)

American Legion calls on Veterans Affairs chief Eric Shinseki to resign
(Washington Examiner – Mark Flatten)

Close the Export-Import Bank: Cut Federal Liabilities, Kill Corporate Welfare, Promote Free Trade
(Forbes – Doug Bandow)

Paul starts new drone war
(The Hill – Alexander Bolton)

China’s Churches Are Under Siege
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Screen-shot-2014-05-05-at-12.40.03-PM-e1399308045354Jane Harman’s Benghazi revisionism
(Daily Caller – Matt K. Lewis)
*Must Read*

Pro-Keystone XL pipeline ads put pressure on Senate Democrats in pivotal states
(Washington Times – Valerie Richardson)

Teacher Tells Student He Can’t Read the Bible in Classroom
(Townhall – Todd Starnes)

3 disturbing charts showing the alarming decline of US economic dynamism
(AEI Ideas – James Pethokoukis)

Education Giant Pearson Wins ‘Unprecedented’ Common Core Test Contract
(Breitbart – Dr. Susan Berry)

A Wicked Orthodoxy, Global-warming alarmism is not merely irrational.
(National Review – Nigel Lawson)

It’s Official: The IRS Will Raid Your Tax Data Through Obamacare
(The Blaze – Pete Kasperowicz)

WashPost Reveals Wealthy Dem Donors’ New Plan; Buries Donors’ Hypocrisy
(NewsBusters – Paul Bremmer)

Small Mass. Town Finally Ends Silly Ban on Arcade Machines
(Reason – Scott Shackford)

Hillary Language On Benghazi Identical To Rhodes Email — 1 1/2 Days Before!
( – Dick Morris)

Emails show EPA officials discussed killing Alaska mine plan long ago
( – M.D. Kittle)

An Open Source Website That Gives Voters a Platform to Influence Politicians
(Wired – Klint Finley)

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