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Today’s Rebellion News – April 14th 2018

Posted by Editor in Chief
April 14th, 2018

U.S., allies launch missile attack on Syria in retaliation for using chemical weapons on civilians
(Washington Times – Dave Boyer, Dan Boylan, Stephen Dinan, and David Sands)
*Lead Story*

Chicago Tribune Sources: Mueller May Have Seized Recordings of Trump and Attorney Cohen
(Breitbart – John Nolte)
*Must Read*

No Charges for Wichita Officer Who Killed Innocent, Unarmed Man in ‘Swatting’
(Reason – Scott Shackford)

Justice Department Watchdog Releases Damning Andrew McCabe Report
(Daily Caller – Chuck Ross)

California Is the Model for National Divorce, Not Democratic Domination
(National Review – David French)

‘New Yorker’ Columnist: Chick-Fil-A Is Evil And Must Be Banned From Our Holy City
(Daily Wire – Ben Shapiro)

Cops Around the Country Can Now Unlock iPhones, Records Show
(Motherboard.Vice – Joseph Cox)

Polar Opposite: NY Times Outraged by Climate ‘Denialists’ Pointing Out Polar Bear Population Increase
(Washington Free Beacon – Elizabeth Harrington)

Trump Says He Convinced China to Allow U.S. Beef Imports for First Time in Over a Decade
(CNS News – Melanie Arter)

Occupational licensing is a big reason the poor don’t become rich
(Washington Examiner – Jared Meyer)

Rep. Massie Explains Why ‘Congress Is More Broken Than It’s Ever Been’
(Townhall – Alan Nitzberg)

Former Obama Staffer Mocks Rand Paul for Getting Beat Up by His Neighbor
(PJ Media – Tyler O’Neil)

Republicans express doubts that Ryan can stay on as Speaker
(The Hill – Scott Wong)

King of Kong Dethroned Amid Cheating Allegations
(American Spectator – Daniel J. Flynn)

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