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Today’s Rebellion News – October 14th 2016

Posted by Editor in Chief
October 14th, 2016

Obama Sought — and Got — Endorsement of Sexual Predator Ted Kennedy
(American Spectator – Jeffrey Lord)
*Lead Story*

Clintons Gave Ambassadorship to Man Who Told Them ‘Political Debt’ Was Owed
(Washington Free Beacon – Elizabeth Harrington)
*Must Read*

Utah Cop Arrests Shaken but Sober Car Crash Victim for DUI
(Reason – Jacob Sullum)

What Erdogan’s Pivot to Putin Means
(American Interest – Walter Russell Mead)

Former Haitian Senate President Calls Clintons ‘Common Thieves Who Should Be in Jail’
(PJ Media – Debra Heine)

Clinton changes story, admits she didn’t have permission for secret email server
(Washington Times – Stephen Dinan)

Democrat Governor: Turns Out the Affordable Care Act is…Not Affordable
(Townhall – Guy Benson)

College Leaders Now Openly Admit They Want To Indoctrinate Students
(The Federalist – Sam White)

WikiLeaks Exposes Soros Millions Pushing to Undermine Catholics
(NewsBusters – Alatheia Nielsen)

James O’Keefe banned from Twitter indefinitely: “It’s political, plain and simple”
(Red Alert Politics – Ryan Girdusky)

NYPD resists more transparency in civil forfeiture
(Watchdog – John Crowe)

Michael Isikoff Calls On NBC News To Release Full Footage Of 1999 Interview With Juanita Broaddrick
(Daily Caller – Chuck Ross)

The Media-Clinton Collusion Exposed
(CNS News – Brent Bozell and Tim Graham)

Wikileaks: Democrat-Media Complex Hall of Fame (So Far)
(Breitbart – Joel B. Pollak)

Justice Department decides to pass on prosecuting EPA officials over Gold King spill
(Hot Air – Jazz Shaw)

Pence: I Don’t Understand ‘The Basis’ of Michelle Obama’s Claims
(Newsmax – Sandy Fitzgerald)

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