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Sept 19th 2009

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Christmas arrives early for Putin

(Washington Times – Wesley Pruden)

Unearthed! Obama’s twisted ACORN roots

(WorldNetDaily – Chelsea Schilling)

Rep. Hoekstra: Obama’s Missile Decision ‘Catastrophic’

(Newsmax – Jim Meyers) *Video Clips*

Newsom wants to charge stores that sell sodas

(San Francisco Chronicle – Heather Knight) *Pro Soda Tax*

Can A Soda Tax Really Curb Obesity?

(Forbes – Trevor Butterworth) *Anti-Soda Tax*

Obama to Eastern Europe: Drop dead

(The Hill – Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA)

Small-Business Owners Fret Over Large IRS Fines

(The Wall Street Journal – Laura Saunders)

Are the News Media Scared of ACORN

(Townhall – Floyd Brown)

Ex-CIA chiefs urge Obama to drop abuse investigation

(Reuters – Jeremy Pelofsky)

Forbes unimpressed with economic policies

(United Press International)

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