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May 15th 2010

Posted by Editor in Chief
May 15th, 2010

The First Amendment under ‘progressive’ siege

(Washington Times – Wesley Pruden) *Lead Story*

American history, not ethnic studies

(Washington Examiner – Linda Chavez)

Clueless L.A. Councilman Distorts the Arizona Law

(National Review – Heather MacDonald)*Must Read*

We Are Out of Money

(Reason – Matt Welch)

The Real Reason the Left Loves Illegals

(American Thinker – J.R.Dunn)*Must Read*

Why Elena Kagan will be Obama’s Longest Legacy

( – Andrea Tantaros)

Cap and Scam

(Denver Post – David Harsanyi)

The European Union as a Retired Great Power

(American Interest – Ivan Krastev)

Americans are drowning in our government’s lies

(RenewAmerica – Alan Caruba)

N.J. gov. sets tone for US

(The Hill – A.B. Stoddard)*Must Read*

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